We are dedicated to helping not-for-profit groups/organizations, non profit corporations, tax-exempt organizations, tax-exempt foundations and public charities in Chenango County who need web space on the internet to help publicize their cause, increase membership, attract volunteers, encourage charitable donations, explain what they do and why they do it, and in general help support their cause. What we ask in return is only that the applying charity fit the guidelines below, and that they allow the pages we create to be "framed" around their content, to help promote the site to other charities.

Applying charities must be considered a legal charity as defined below.
For an organization to qualify under a 501(C)(3) exemption, it must be organized for one or more of the following purposes:

* Charitable
* Religious
* Educational
* Scientific
* Literary
* Testing for public safety
* Fostering national or international amateur sports competition
* The prevention of cruelty to children or animals

Woollybear Web will "set up" (design, maintain and host) a section on this site for your group, if approved, if you provide the content. You will have a subdomain of Chenango.org (i.e. yourname.chenango.org ). You will also be able to use an email address with your name which could be forwarded to your present email account (i.e. all mail to "jane@yourname.chenango.org" will be sent to "your_email@your_isp.com").

If this proposal sounds just like what your non-profit organization needs, use this contact page --

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